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Alterations in spinal cord injury-induced plasticity of spinal rhythm generating interneurons following treadmill training with epidural stimulation in mouse

Authors: D. GARCIA-RAMIREZ, N. HA, L. YAO, K. A. SCHMIDT, S. F. GISZTER, K. J. DOUGHERTY Lab Abstract: “Neuronal circuitry generating locomotion is located in the thoracolumbar spinal cord. Spinal rhythm generating interneurons (INs) convert descending inputs into rhythmic outputs. … Continue reading

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A new microtubule-based approach for augmenting nerve regeneration

Most studies on microtubules in the nervous system have focused on the dynamic properties of the microtubules, with stabilization by taxol and related drugs being proposed as a therapeutic for nerve injury. However, while initial indications were hopeful, more recent … Continue reading

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