From wheelchair to walking after spinal cord injury

Several paraplegics can now walk again – thanks to precise electrical stimulation of their spinal cords via a wireless implant and intensive neurorehabilitation. Speaking at Science Unlimited 2019, Grégoire Courtine illustrated this incredible spinal implant technology, as well as the next steps to turn this proof-of-concept into commonly available treatments for spinal cord injury.

Grégoire Courtine, EPFL

Grégoire is a pioneer in radically new approaches for restoring motor function after spinal cord injury. In addition to developing multifaceted neuroprosthetic systems, robotic interfaces, and advanced neuroregenerative interventions and neurorehabilitation procedures, his work also seeks to uncover the neural mechanisms underlying locomotion control and the processes that reestablish motor functions after neuromotor disorders. Grégoire is Associate Professor in the Center for Neuroprosthetics and the Brain Mind Institute, EPFL.

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