Seeking Feedback on Research Priorities from SCI 2020

The spinal cord injury (SCI) research community has experienced great advances in discovery research, technology development, and promising clinical interventions in the past decade. To build upon these advances and maximize the benefit to persons with SCI, the NIH hosted a conference February 12-13, 2019 titled “SCI 2020: Launching a Decade of Disruption in Spinal Cord Injury Research”.

The NIH Institutes above are soliciting comments and suggestions on the top priorities identified in the five SCI 2020 breakout sessions as summarized below. The collated responses will be shared with the public and will be included in a meeting summary document prepared in collaboration with the Spinal Cord Injury Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center ( The NIH Institutes encourage input from all interested stakeholders, including researchers, clinicians and health care providers, individuals with SCI, patient advocates and health advocacy organizations, scientific or professional organizations, federal agencies, as well as other interested members of the public. Responders to this RFI are also encouraged to provide input on how the research and research capacity building in the priority areas may be adopted in low resource settings including low- and middle-income countries. Organizations are strongly encouraged to submit a single response that reflects the views of their organization and membership.

Optional: Please indicate if you are a researcher, clinician or health care provider, individual with SCI, patient advocate, and/or other interested party. If you are submitting a response on behalf of an organization, please indicate the name of your organization.



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