Efforts underway to bring treatments to Australia

In this special 60 Minutes Report, Charles Wooley travels to Switzerland to watch something incredible – a paralyzed man walking. They’re faltering steps, but they signal a giant leap forward for science. And it is all part of a global effort involving the most brilliant doctors and the most courageous patients. It’s not a cure, but therapies along the way will help.

Dr. Courtine of Switzerland and Professor Bryce Vissel of Australia are interviewed about efforts toward bringing this technology to the paralyzed citizens of Australia.  Providing technology to the patients at a cost of 10 – 20 million would be less than the current annual SCI costs of 500 million in Australia.

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  1. Donna britton says:

    How do I find out more information on this please my son is c4 c5 tetra and incomplete.

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