Translational Regenerative Therapies for Chronic Spinal Cord Injury

Authors: Kyriakos Dalamagkas, Magdalini Tsintou, Amelia Seifalian, Alexander M. Seifalian

Abstract: “Spinal cord injury is a chronic and debilitating neurological condition that is currently being managed symptomatically with no real therapeutic strategies available. Even though there is no consensus on the best time to start interventions, the chronic phase is definitely the most stable target in order to determine whether a therapy can effectively restore neurological function. The advancements of nanoscience and stem cell technology, combined with the powerful, novel neuroimaging modalities that have arisen can now accelerate the path of promising novel therapeutic strategies from bench to bedside. Several types of stem cells have reached up to clinical trials phase II, including adult neural stem cells, human spinal cord stem cells, olfactory ensheathing cells, autologous Schwann cells, umbilical cord blood-derived mononuclear cells, adult mesenchymal cells, and autologous bone-marrow-derived stem cells. There also have been combinations of different molecular therapies; these have been either alone or combined with supportive scaffolds with nanostructures to facilitate favorable cell–material interactions. The results already show promise but it will take some coordinated actions in order to develop a proper step-by-step approach to solve impactful problems with neural repair.”

LINK: See the Full Open Access Review in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences 

Author Contributions: A.M.S. proposed the review article and M.T., K.D., and A.S. worked on data gathering and drafting the review. All four authors critically analyzed and reviewed the topic and completed the review with future direction of the research.

Acknowledgments: M.T. was supported by Onassis Foundation during that study.

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  1. Leo Buchanan says:

    Great summary! Let’s help get this research online so I can walk again! Thanks 🙏, Leo

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  2. Como estão os avanços no tratamento da lesão medular ,? E se possível eu gostaria de me colocar a disposição para testes , assinando pelos termos de minha total responsabilidade , não aguento mais ficar só em cima dessa cama já indo pra quase 5 anos

    • christalpowell says:

      Vou mantê-lo informado de todos os tratamentos disponíveis no mercado. Esperamos que não demore muito mais até que haja algo para ajudar a comunidade de paralisia.

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