SCI Research starts a big New Year

SCI 2020

In preparation for the February NIH SCI 2020,  this is the LINK you will be using to watch the meeting live on the day of the event.
Tuesday February 12th at 8:AM Eastern Time
Wednesday February 13th at 8:00 AM Eastern Time

To express your opinion and voice for the consumer panel, the North American Spinal Cord Injury Research Consortium (NASCIC) is looking to gather information from the community on issues in SCI research that are important from the consumer perspective.

SCI 2020: Planning for a Decade for Disruption in Spinal Cord Injury Research will bring together experts in the field of spinal cord injury research to debate the state of science and opportunities for moving forward in the next decade, in a panel and audience participation focused format.

The objectives are:

1) To provide a critical multidisciplinary assessment of recent progress and gaps in SCI research across the basic, translational and clinical spectrum,

2) To identify the key questions and top priorities to move the SCI field forward in the coming decade

3) To disrupt existing silos and create multidisciplinary collaborations that will address the defined priorities for the short and long term.

Author: NINDS NIH       Runtime: 10 hours


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