Louis and Harold Price Foundation boosts SCI work at the Dr. Daniel Lu Laboratory with $3M gift

From the UCLA Newsroom

“The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA has received a $3 million gift from The Louis and Harold Price Foundation to support the spinal cord work of Dr. Daniel Lu, associate professor of neurosurgery and director of the UCLA Neuroplasticity and Repair Laboratory and UCLA Neuromotor Recovery and Rehabilitation Center.

Daniel Lu, MD, PhD

Lu’s research combines basic science and clinical testing to decode the spinal cord’s electrical language, which controls muscle function in multiple motor systems. He applies these findings in studies of potential treatments for patients with spinal cord injuries, using different methods to activate the spinal cord and restore normal function.

The new funds will enable Lu to test promising treatments in larger patient groups, with the potential for groundbreaking therapies. The expanded studies will evaluate whether various spinal stimulation approaches improve patient outcomes such as strength, mobility of limbs and bladder control.”

Read the Full Article at the UCLA Newsroom

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