Recovery of overground walking after chronic motor complete with Epi Stim

Here is today’s latest information in a brief article and video on the spinal cord injury trial testing Epi Stim Standing and Stepping in the number, NCT02339233.

Recovery of Over-Ground Walking after Chronic Motor Complete Spinal Cord Injury at the New England Journal of Medicine LINK

Summary: “Persons with motor complete spinal cord injury, signifying no voluntary movement or sphincter function below the level of injury but including retention of some sensation, do not recover independent walking. We tested intense locomotor treadmill training with weight support and simultaneous spinal cord epidural stimulation in four patients 2.5 to 3.3 years after traumatic spinal injury and after failure to improve with locomotor training alone. Two patients, one with damage to the mid-cervical region and one with damage to the high-thoracic region, achieved over-ground walking (not on a treadmill) after 278 sessions of epidural stimulation and gait training over a period of 85 weeks and 81 sessions over a period of 15 weeks, respectively, and all four achieved independent standing and trunk stability.”

Study Authors:   Claudia A. Angeli, Ph.D.,  Maxwell Boakye, M.D., Rebekah A. Morton, B.S., Justin Vogt, B.S.,  Kristin Benton, B.S.,  Yangshen Chen, Ph.D., Christie K. Ferreira, B.S., and Susan J. Harkema, Ph.D.

From the Frazier Rehabilitation Institute (C.A.A., R.A.M., J.V., K.B., S.J.H.), and the Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center (C.A.A., M.B., Y.C., C.K.F., S.J.H.) and the Department of Neurosurgery, School of Medicine (M.B., R.A.M., J.V., K.B., Y.C., C.K.F., S.J.H.), University of Louisville — all in Louisville, KY.

CNN News Coverage and Video





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  1. brian p says:

    I. seen. on. the. news. that. advancement. I. want or. need. that. operation. please I. beg. of. you. Brian. pressey

    • christalpowell says:

      These patients are participating in a human clinical trial. Hopefully this procedure will soon make it’s way to the open medical market for widely available treatment.

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