Translating promising strategies for bowel and bladder management in spinal cord injury

Loss of control over voiding following spinal cord injury (SCI) impacts autonomy, participation and dignity, and can cause life-threatening complications. The importance of SCI bowel and bladder dysfunction warrants significantly more attention from researchers in the field. To address this gap, key SCI clinicians, researchers, government and private funding organizations met to share knowledge and examine emerging approaches. This report reviews recommendations from this effort to identify and prioritize near-term treatment, investigational and translational approaches to addressing the pressing needs of people with SCI.

Authors: Tracey L.Wheeler Bowel and Bladder Workshop Participants William deGroat Kymberly Eisner Anton Emmanuel Jennifer French Warren Grille Michael J.Kennelly Andrei Krassioukov Bruno Gallo Santa cruz Fin Biering-Sørenseni Naomi Kleitman

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