U2FP SCI CureCast now includes the 8th episode!

Join Matthew Rodreick, Kate Willette, and guests for our weekly podcast talking about everything related to finding a cure or therapies for paralysis after spinal cord injury.  Why should we care about the science and the whole process of bringing therapies to the clinic? Because that knowledge is fundamental to gaining a voice in decision-making.

Podcast Episode 8:
Kate and Matthew talk with Lee Thibeault about the process of participating in clinical trials. Lee was one of the first individuals from the SCI community to participate in the early clinical trials of Stem Cell Inc. He talks candidly about his experience, its effects and the importance of participating in clinical trials to further the science to cure paralysis.

Podcast Episodes 1-7 LINK:

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One Response to U2FP SCI CureCast now includes the 8th episode!

  1. Scott Hughes says:

    I would like to be considered for a candidate with the spinal scaffold implant. I have an incomplete T-12 compression injury. Bilateral paralysis of ankles and inferior. limited sensory postictal. Neurogenic bladder and bowel. Injury date July 2010. Location does not matter at all. I don’t know exactly where to look for information related to this. Thank you
    Scott Hughes

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