New Pathways for Recovery of Function Following Paralysis

We are dedicated to developing disease and injury specific devices to help restore optimal physiology function in individuals suffering with paralysis due to injury and illness. We accomplish this by enabling the reactivation of damaged and dormant neural circuits through neuromodulation of the spinal cord. The method we use is to apply our proprietary stimulator technology below the level of injury targeting neural connections & pathways with our discovered stimulation parameters enabling the spinal cord to re-awaken and recall what it is suppose to do. NeuroRecovery Technologies Inc.

LINK: Feed-Forwardness of Spinal Networks in Posture and Locomotion

LINK: Electrical neuromodulation of the cervical spinal cord facilitates forelimb skilled function recovery in spinal cord injured rats.



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    just wanted to pass this mirror article along… to know you heard about it…thanks, david

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