Spinal Cord Mechanism for Ejaculation Identified by French Team

Researchers have identified a specialized area of neurons in the spinal cord that coordinate ejaculation, raising the possibility that electrical or pharmacologic interventions to stimulate this area could be used to help the process occur.

The French scientists pioneering the research are working with spinal cord injury patients, who, they say, would be the first target population for any interventional approaches.

But they also suggest that their findings might lead to treatments for the broader male population who experience problems with ejaculation. These could include interventions to stimulate or inhibit this area to accelerate or delay ejaculation, depending on the individual’s needs.

Their research was published online on December 5 in the Annals of Neurology. LINK

“This study describes SEG [spinal ejaculation generator] in humans and opens up new research avenues for the treatment of ejaculatory disorders including anejaculation, which can be reported as an ‘inability to climax,'” the researchers conclude. “The SEG may be targeted by pharmacological and/or epidural electrical or magnetic stimulation.”

Spinal Cord Mechanism for Ejaculation Identified: Read the Full Article by Sue Hughes at Medscape

Physiology and Pharmacology of Ejaculation LINK: Authors Pierre Clement, François Giuliano

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