Working 2 Walk 2016 Panel Discussion with Dr. Ann Parr and Dr. Alex Aimetti

The audience at the Working 2 Walk Symposium asks questions about the presentations of Dr. Parr and Dr. Aimetti.

Dr. Alex Aimetti - InVivo

Dr. Alex Aimetti – InVivo

Alex Aimetti, PhD, is Senior Director, Medical Education and Scientific Support at InVivo Therapeutics. InVivo is a research and clinical-stage biomaterials and biotechnology company with a focus on innovative treatment approaches for spinal cord injury (SCI).

Dr. Ann Parr

Dr. Ann Parr

Ann M. Parr, MD, PhD, is a Board Certified Neurosurgeon who is interested in finding new therapies for spinal cord injury. She is also a faculty member in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience and the Stem Cell Institute at the University of Minnesota.

(Moderator) Kim Anderson-Erisman, PhD, is a Research Associate Professor and the Director of Education for The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

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3 Responses to Working 2 Walk 2016 Panel Discussion with Dr. Ann Parr and Dr. Alex Aimetti

  1. June Bruno says:

    Is there anyway that I can be evaluated for a research project? I’m in Fort Lauderdale now. Over a year ago I was left paralyzed ( boot feet) and bowel & bladder incontinence after a spinal surgery in Buffalo,NY. I have had PT from the surgery till this Semester. I’m willing to try anything,- nerve stimulation,stem cells- anything that might help.

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