InVivo Therapeutics update on preclinical Bioengineered Neural Trails™ for chronic SCI

This short video explains the “preclinical” stage work at InVivo for chronic SCI.

Read about the newly announced patents HERE

InVivo Pipeline Information LINK

We are devoting significant resources to advancing our Bioengineered Neural Trails program for the 276,000 patients in the U.S. currently living with chronic SCI. Recently, we announced the acquisition and filing of foundational intellectual property for this exciting new approach to stem cell therapy for chronic SCI. We’ll continue to update the public with our progress in this area and are targeting a pre-IND (Investigational New Drug) meeting with the FDA by the end of 2016, which will help inform our development and clinical plans for the program.

This has been a fantastic year of progress for InVivo, but I believe that 2016 will be even more exciting as we continue to move closer to our goal of redefining the life of the spinal cord injury patient.

Mark Perrin, CEO and Chairman

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