Brain Control of Prosthetic Devices: The Road Ahead

Dr. Jose Carmena & Dr. Michel Maharbiz
Brain Control of Prosthetic Devices: The Road Ahead
Towards a New Strategy for Human Evolution

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2 Responses to Brain Control of Prosthetic Devices: The Road Ahead

  1. Lynne DeNio says:

    I want to thank you so much for these emails on SCI research. They give my husband (cauda equina) and I hope. We watch the progress in research and applaud all the hard work you and others are doing. (I worry my husband is getting older each year and I fear that when results are available he will be too old to be a candidate.) Thank you for keeping us informed. I hope the day will come when those with SCI are released from their daily pain and restrictions. Lynne

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    • christalpowell says:

      You’re welcomed Lynne. I’m glad you subscribed to my blog. I also believe there is real progress being made and can hope that good therapies or treatments will result. Best wishes to you and your husband. Chris

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