2015 Autumn Research Newsletter from Neurokinex

Harvey Sihota, Director of Neurokinex, Geoff Kent, Founder of SCIS and Chris Powell U2FP Education Director

Harvey Sihota, Director of Neurokinex, Geoff Kent, Founder of SCIS and Chris Powell, U2FP Education Director at W2W2015

In late September, Neurokinex Director, and U2FP Board Member, Harvey Sihota, attended the annual Working2Walk Symposium in Bethesda hosted by the USA based non-profit Unite2FightParalysis. The two-day conference showcased some of the most leading edge scientific research into cures and advocacy for spinal cord injury. The annual symposium brings researchers, clinicians, advocates and community members together.

Almost 12 months from the last research update, here’s another piece to cover some of the scientific progress in 2015 – some of which has hit the headlines as well as some that has perhaps not been given the coverage deserved.

As is the nature of media around scientific “breakthroughs” we are often either left spellbound by or apathetic to the media frenzy as the news saturates our national newspapers, social media timelines and television news channels. But there is also another dimension in play here – namely promising scientific discoveries and initiatives that are flying under the media radar. It is these understated initiatives that also need support and recognition by a Paralysis Community deserving of some much needed wins.

Read the full Neurokinex Research Autumn Newsletter at this LINK.


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