“The Role of Peripheral Nerve Surgery in Restoring Motor Control Following Neurotrama” – Dr. Justin M. Brown

Dr. Justin M. Brown

Dr. Justin M. Brown

Justin M. Brown, MD, Assistant Professor and Director, Neurosurgery Peripheral Nerve Program, UC San Diego. Justin M. Brown, MD, Co-Director of the Center for Neurophysiology and Restorative Neurology, is a member of an international scientific group that is exploring techniques for restoring function in related central nervous system disorders, such as spinal cord injury. Brown earned his medical degree from the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk. He went on to complete a surgical internship and neurosurgical residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and a peripheral nerve fellowship in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Brown joins the Neurosurgery Faculty at UCSD from his prior position as Co-Director of the Peripheral Nerve Center at Washington University in St. Louis. Brown specializes in peripheral nerve and spinal neurosurgery. His clinical interests include brachial plexus injury and other peripheral nerve trauma of the upper and lower extremities, nerve transfers, nerve sheath tumors, thoracic outlet syndrome, and nerve compression syndromes, including carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes.

Popular research approaches have focused upon directly addressing the source of motor control impairment at the site of injury within the spinal cord; interventions at the level of the peripheral nerve have immediate practical application. Redistribution of motor control from regions of preserved function to paralyzed muscle groups can be accomplished with the use of nerve transfers, and regions of focal problematic spasticity can be effectively addressed with the implementation of selective peripheral neurotomies. Effective patient selection is critical and involves non-traditional implementation of neurophysiological methods to assess candidacy and predict efficacy. Dr. Brown will review peripheral nerve based approaches to functional optimization in the chronic stage of spinal cord injury.

Additional information on Dr. Brown and how to contact him can be found on the UCSD website.

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