“Confessions of Amateur Activists”

“Confessions of Amateur Activists” – Kate Willette, Matthew Rodreick & Rob Wudlick

Working 2 Walk is a fabulous conference where attendees have the opportunity to hear from, meet with, and connect to, leading researchers and advocates — all of whom are working to expedite curative therapies. We’ll address the question: “What do I do with all of this when I get home?”

Kate Willette will discuss her new book, Don’t Call It A Miracle, and its great potential to arm advocates with a layperson’s grounding in the science, the research economy and the advocates’ place at the table. A free download of the book can be found at this LINK.

Rob Wudlick will recount the recent passage of the MN SCI TBI Research Grant Program recognizing that we are in a Tour De Cure. This is not a race, nor a marathon but rather a staged long term tour that requires engaged coalitions, long term strategy and lots of endurance.

Matthew Rodreick’s advocacy work is a direct result of the W2W conferences, the Advocacy Toolkit, and ongoing support from U2FP leading ultimately to the passage of the MN research fund. He will invite you to join the Cure Advocacy Network (CAN), a new organization that’s being built one advocate at a time. CAN will promote and support the work of local activists and ultimately build a national chorus of voices committed to a Cure.

(Courtesy presentation and video provided by Unite 2 Fight Paralysis)

Without your valuable support of Unite 2 Fight Paralysis volunteers and your generous donations directed to the Working 2 Walk Video Library, the annual symposium video presentations could not be made possible for the paralysis community. Thank you for your generous support in supplying this educational material for research and advocacy to cure paralysis.

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