Novel Approaches to SCI Treatment Earn Researchers $700,000 in Prizes

Princeton, NJ – September 15, 2015 – In time to mark Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month this September, Conquer Paralysis Now (CPN), a leading authority on spinal cord injury (SCI) research and treatment, is pleased to announce the winners of Stage I, Round I of its inaugural Conquer Paralysis Now Challenge. With many novel ideas never getting off the ground due to a lack of initial data needed to win traditional research grants, CPN is awarding 10 individuals with $50,000 each, and two teams $100,000 each for their unconventional, disruptive approaches.

The CPN Challenge was launched to find a cure for paralysis by driving the development of treatments for spinal cord injuries to help patients regain such everyday functions as standing, reaching and grasping, and bowel and bladder control.

CPN selected this round’s grant recipients from a pool of 100 applicants, representing 80 institutions and more than 25 countries. CPN recognized a host of novel approaches to SCI treatment, including:

Read the Full Article Here for Winners in Stage # 1 Round # 1: LINK

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