The latest in SCI research with Dr. Christopher West of ICORD (epidural stimulation)

Christopher West, PhD ICORD

Christopher West, PhD

Dr. Christopher West talks about epidural stimulation on individuals with spinal cord injuries. Dr. West has conducted a series of basic science experiments to comprehensively show that passive lower-limb exercise is able to prevent many of the cardiovascular abnormalities that accompany SCI. He is just in the process of beginning the first clinical translation of this work where he will compare the integrated physiological responses to multiple forms of lower-limb exercise modalities.

He has also made a substantial contribution to the elite Paralympic sport literature, where he has shown that the degree of remaining cardiovascular function is a critical determinant of exercise performance in athletes with SCI, such that those with more ‘intact’ cardiovascular control are able to perform better during tests of endurance performance than those with minimal cardiovascular control. More recently, as part of a research team that has attended the last 3 Paralympic games, Dr. West has found that the association between cardiovascular function and sports classification in athletes with SCI is very weak. Instead, cardiovascular function seems to be much more dependent on autonomic completeness of injury.

Post presentation Q and A answered by a panel of SCI experts: Dr. Wolfram Tetzlaff, Dr. Lyn Jakeman (USA-NIH), Dr. Brian Kwon, Dr. Andrei Krassioukov, Dr. Chris McBride (The audio is poor in various sections).

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