Preclinical evidence supporting clinical CPG therapies for chronic SCI

Pierre A. Guertin is professor in neurosciences at Laval University as well as CEO of a biopharmaceutical company, Nordic Life Science Pipeline Inc.


In this publication at Frontiers in Neuroscience, Dr. Guertin explains the models used in developing drugs to help with locomotion while exercising (the clinical trial testing the drug called “Spinalon” in Quebec, Canada) along with his development of a micturition drug to aid urine retention referred to as “Micselon”.

Dr. Pierre Guertin

Dr. Pierre Guertin

He also gives us a bit of information on the defecation eliciting medication being developed called “Transilon” that he hopes is on the market by 2020 to aid with chronic constipation for SCI.

The latest exciting project is his 4th class of drugs in which optimization is taking place for an ejaculation medication the company is working on and has applied for patents. These 4 new pharmacological aids may provide noninvasive approaches in restoring biological functions in people with SCI or other neurological disorders.

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