New World Laboratories pushes forward with clinical trial

New World Laboratories Laval, Canada

New World Laboratories Laval, Canada

New World Laboratories acts as its own research center, allowing it to create its own therapeutic platforms. The company focuses its efforts on three main sectors—therapeutic drugs, medical devices, and cell therapies. For example, the apoptosis program (programmed cell death) at New World Laboratories has led to the development of a drug that not only prevents the cell or tissue loss resulting from neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, brain and spinal cord injuries, stroke and diabetes, etc., but also has indirect regenerative effects on tissues. The Regeneration Matrix (RMx TM) device from New World Laboratories speeds the regeneration of central nervous system cells and soft tissues while inhibiting tumor growth. You can learn more about New World Laboratories HERE:

The company has also developed a technology for producing neural stem cells from a patient’s own skin or blood cells, thus eliminating the possibility of immune rejection and opening the door to affordable, personalized treatments. You can learn more about the autologous cells DrSC™ technology HERE:

The non-profit called Novogenesis Foundation is leading the way with CEO Jan-Eric Ahlfors. The website for the foundation is HERE: They also have a page at Facebook.

Patients are not being recruited and the clinical trial is registered at HERE: Additonal trial sites may possibly be added in the future.

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