The challenge, commitment and support sustain the battle against paralysis at U2FP

Unite 2 Fight Paralysis is inspired by the challenges we face and the opportunities we are afforded by the support of the community. We are the Voice of the Cure in all that we do to fight paralysis. We hope you’ll join us in this journey, learn more and take the opportunity to support our efforts on Giving Tuesday.

To date U2FP has dedicated most of its resources to patient education. The annual Working 2 Walk Science and Advocacy Symposium features progressive scientists involved in research projects, clinicians, biotech companies, rehabilitation experts and national advocates that gather to collaborate. The Scientific Advisory Board has been formed for anyone wanting to utilize their services. An extensive video library is also made free to the public. The U2FP website is constantly updated and features a user friendly format along with a clinical trial chart. In addition, this blog site is also supported and made possible by U2FP.

U2FP has a bucket list of possible projects to get this community moving toward greater participation, including things like expanded education, data collection, increased partnering, and organizing advocate activities. We can’t undertake any of these projects without your help, however. At the moment our resources are stretched to the max, and we need more funding to take on anything new.

As we enter the season of “Giving” and “Thanks”, please consider donating to U2FP so we can continue to expand our services and lead the SCI community toward 21st century cures. Our “Giving Tuesday” (Dec. 2 ) campaign is now active, and you can support U2FP year-round (and especially at the holidays) by using our Amazon Smile gateway for all of your Amazon shopping.



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