Advances in Peripheral Nerve Surgery and Applicability to Spinal Cord Injury

Cutting edge surgical advancements were presented at the Working 2 Walk Science and Advocacy Symposium by two physicians from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Over the past few decades, significant improvements have been made in the field of peripheral nerve surgery. Rooted in strong basic science research, patients are benefiting and achieving functional outcomes not previously seen.

Dr. Amy Moore

Dr. Amy M. Moore

Dr. Amy M. Moore provided an overview of the significant stepping stones that have translated basic science peripheral nerve research to clinical applications.
Dr. Ida K. Fox

Dr. Ida K. Fox

Dr. Ida K. Fox expanded on this and discussed how the science of peripheral nerve injury can be exploited to restore function in spinal cord injury. She specifically described her experience with the use of nerve transfers to restore hand function in patients with cervical spinal cord injury.

Motor and sensory nerve transfers in the forearm and hand. PubMed Link
Schwann cells seeded in acellular nerve grafts improve functional recovery. PubMed Link

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