“The Daily Realities of Paralysis”: Rachelle Friedman Chapman

Rachelle Friedman Chapman

Rachelle Friedman Chapman Speaks out for paralysis cure at Working 2 Walk 2014 Science and Advocacy Symposium in Seattle, Washington

Rachelle Friedman Chapman Keynote Speaker at the Working 2 Walk 2014 Science and Advocacy hosted by Unite 2 Fight Paralysis speaks out about the daily realities of paralysis and the need for curative therapies. Rachelle tells the inside story of her difficulties in dealing with her message through the media.

Four years ago, Rachelle became paralyzed in a freak swimming pool accident at her bachelorette party. Her story garnered quick attention from the media, where she gained notoriety as the “paralyzed bride”. Although her wedding day was delayed, Rachelle eventually married Chris Chapman. Like many people with a spinal cord injury, she worked hard to rebuild her life and find some level of “normalcy”. The media continued to follow her story, and Rachelle has appeared on TV with Katie Couric, had her story featured in Cosmopolitan and People magazines, and writes her own blog for the Huffington Post. She just had her first book published, The Promise: A Tragic Accident, A Paralyzed Bride, and the Power of Love, Loyalty and Friendship.

Without your valuable support of Unite 2 Fight Paralysis volunteers and your generous donations directed to the Working 2 Walk Video Library, the annual symposium video presentations could not be made possible for the paralysis community. Thank you for your generous support in supplying this educational material for research and advocacy.

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