Dr. Brian Kwon and Geoff Kent partner support for a translational roadmap on preclinical validation of novel therapies

Dr. Brian Kwon is presented with a donation from Geoff Kent of SCIS at the Working 2 Walk 2014 Symposium in Seattle Washington. Dr. Kwon is
is leading a national clinical trial in acute SCI to establish biomarkers of injury, improved guidelines for the management of patients in the early stages of their injury, and a more complete picture of the pathophysiology of acute human SCI. In the laboratory, he has developed new models to facilitate the preclinical evaluation of novel therapeutic strategies. He has conducted the “bench” scientific studies on a neuroprotective drug that is now moving “to the bedside” in a human clinical trial of acute SCI. He is also actively involved in establishing a ‘translational roadmap’ for the preclinical validation of novel therapies such as stem cells.

Without your valuable support of Unite 2 Fight Paralysis volunteers and your generous donations directed to the Working 2 Walk Video Library, the annual symposium video presentations could not be made possible for the paralysis community. (Thank you for your generous support in supplying this educational material for research and advocacy to cure paralysis).

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