Ida Cahill announces The Paralysis Cure Challenge. Stage 1 Begins!

In 2012, board members of Conquer Paralysis Now (formerly the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation) began investigating what it would take to turn the dream of finding a cure for paralysis into reality. Over the next two years, they consulted with the world’s leading researchers and scientists to develop the SCI Challenge, a bold and audacious project launching in 2014. By incentivizing research teams, promoting collaboration and setting clear and defined milestones, the SCI Challenge will offer unprecedented hope to millions of people living with paralysis worldwide.

Without your valuable support of Unite 2 Fight Paralysis volunteers and your generous donations directed to the Working 2 Walk Video Library, the annual symposium video presentations could not be made possible for the paralysis community. (Thank you for your generous support in supplying this educational material for research and advocacy to cure paralysis).

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