InVivo Therapeutics Begins First Clinical Trial of Neuro-Spinal Scaffold –

InVivo Therapeutics has begun shipment of its innovative investigational device, a degradable polymer Neuro-Spinal Scaffold for spinal cord injury (SCI) patients, for initiation of the company’s first clinical trial. InVivo has pioneered a new treatment platform utilizing a biocompatible polymer-based device that is intended to promote structural support for spinal cord regeneration while improving functional recovery and prognosis after a traumatic SCI. In preclinical studies, the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold promoted cell adhesion, neurite sprouting, the growth of remodeled spinal cord tissue containing myelinated axons, and improved motor function. The company estimates the worldwide market for treating acute complete SCI to be over $500 million annually, and the chronic SCI market to be over $10 billion. This is the first in-human trial of InVivo’s novel investigational device, a critical step in addressing a major unmet need for patients with SCI. They are currently recruiting in 2 locations.


Emerging Biomaterial Options for Neurotrauma – Dr. Alex Aimetti

Dr. Aimetti’s presentation focuses on a novel approach to treat neuropathic pain in SCI patients through the use of an injectable hydrogel.

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