Dr. Philip Horner researching stem cell therapy and stimulation together…

Dr. Phil Horner, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery at the UW, is working on a unique approach to restoring limb function after chronic spinal cord injury. Dr. Horner and his colleagues are researching how stem cell therapy and stimulation can be used together to restore limb function for people suffering from paralysis after a spinal cord injury. Dr. Horner’s research focuses on regeneration in the central nervous system (CNS) with an emphasis on stem cell and progenitor cell biology. His primary interests are in the molecular controls of neural and glial cell interactions in models of demyelination, injury, and degeneration. Dr. Horner’s laboratory uses cellular and molecular techniques to study stem cells and their progeny in the intact and injured CNS.

Therapeutic intra-spinal stimulation to generate activity and promote long-term recovery

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