Nordic Life Science Pipeline Inc. names new acting Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, MD has 24 years of experience as medical doctor and 20 years of experience in leadership positions as chief or director of spinal cord injury services in New Jersey, San Diego and Boston. He currently holds also appointments as Medical Director of the Spinal Cord Injury Program and as Director of the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Program at the Spaulding/Harvard Rehabilitation Hospital as well as Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School.

Nordic is a fast-growing specialty drug company founded in 2009 by acquisition of assets and licenses from Neurospinal Therapeutics and Laval University. Based in Quebec City, it’s privately-owned and considered as one of the leading developers of therapeutics against chronic SCI, multiple sclerosis and related motor disorders. With four (4) candidate products being developed to meet the needs of thirteen (13) related indications, Nordic may be considered having the largest pipeline of promising therapeutics for patients with Spinal Cord Injury, non-traumatic SCI such as MS and related neurological disorders. Based on recent estimates, 1.3 million patients are currently living with a traumatic spinal cord injury in North America. It has thus become the second most common neurological problem after Alzheimer’s disease.

In response to the tremendous challenges (e.g, ‘patent cliff’) currently faced by the industry to sustain business activities and to meet medical needs, Nordic has strategically chosen to focus on the development of fixed-dose combination products (FDCs). The new platform has been designed to efficiently compare and select leads and candidates capable of reactivating (i.e., despite an injury at higher levels – e.g. thoracic or cervical) specific lumbosacral cord-located networks involved in the control of stereotyped motor functions – e.g., locomotion, micturition, defecation, and ejaculation. The most advanced product in the pipeline is Spinalon which is currently recruiting patients in a clinical trial.
They are planning the conduct of Spinalon™ phase IIb trials expected for 2015 in US, Europe, Canada.


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