Epidural Stimulation Future Trials and Commercial Planning

Nick Terrafranca is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of NeuroRecovery Technologies Inc. He has led the company from inception through seed funding and the launch of commercial development of their break-through technology; and is now steering the company through Series A financing, positioning them to begin clinical trials on their first product later this year.

The company website for NeuroRecovery Technologies Inc. can be found HERE.

A video interview about the two neuromodulators (electrical stimulators) they plan to take to human clinical trials are explained by Nicholas Terrafranca, Jr. D.P.M. in the segment title IN3 Medical Device 360 San Francisco – Top 10 Finalist Med Tech Idol.”

The neuromodulators have been used on 17 patients to reverse paralysis. Four were paralyzed from the chest down. Voluntary standing along with varying degrees of bladder, bowel, blood pressure, temperature regulation and sexual function have been restored to the autonomic system.

They propose more severe complete injuries will have an implantable device and mild to moderate injuries will have a device that is external to the body. NeuroRecovery Technologies hope to have the external neuromodulator for mild to moderate injuries ready so they can start human clinical trial with it before the implantable one. They anticipate they could have the modulator on the market in just 2-1/2 years. In addition to spinal cord injury, they look for their future market to include stroke, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

NextGen OC Winner of $25,000. was Nicholas Terrafranca gives additional information on their breakthrough to help people with spinal injuries on Blip TV.

They’ve received a new grant to look at the recovery at a cellular level where they suspicion a repair process is taking place in a retrograde fashion. They don’t know yet if new cells are being generated or if new conductivity or rewiring is taking place to the brain by an accessory pathway.

Abstract:Neuromodulation of evoked muscle potentials induced by epidural spinal cord stimulation in paralyzed individuals.

Publication: Development of a multi-electrode array for spinal cord epidural stimulation to facilitate stepping and standing after a complete spinal cord injury in adult rats.

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