Is the search for the cure just too narrow?

After my last blog post containing the report about neural regeneration within the field of academic science, I thought I’d open up the other options that are being explored on curing paralysis. My blog usually only contains research and science articles that may possibly lead to a cure. I’m frequently asked why drug companies haven’t developed a pill that could be taken to cure people. The problem with a spinal cord injury is, it’s just much more complicated than developing a cure pill. Certainly the drug companies are trying to discover potential pharmaceuticals that could be given to patients as a therapy. There’s even work being done on marketed drugs for cancer and other diseases that are being tested on paralysis to see if those could possibly help.

There’s a lot of research taking place in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering that I’ve also reported on. I haven’t seen a cure emerge from there either, but there’s lots of researchers and companies out there building devices, robots, bio-scaffolds, stimulators and exercise equipment trying to move forward towards a marketing strategy and clinical development.

We hear a lot about people going to other countries and paying for stem cell therapies that haven’t been tested in human clinical trials nor sanctioned by the FDA. The practice is commonly known as stem cell tourism. I’ve reported here my concerns about people possibly hurting themselves and wasting their lifesavings which they probably can ill afford. I just haven’t heard anyone reporting miracles by exploring this option for themselves, and many have. Much more research needs to be done in the stem cell field to identify and select the right cell for regeneration and recovery.

Now I learn there’s people with a different philosophy on where a cure will emerge from that’s quite different than my own ideas. It’s not within the field of science, regenerative medicine or mechanic’s and electronics. I tend to be rather a proponent of science labs that are working on paralysis rather that relying on a pill or a secret code discovery. But, in fairness to all, I’ll report the latest that falls in a different category of thinking. I can only surmise by watching research unfold that there are many different avenues being explored and we simply do not have a therapy, treatment or drug available that has emerged from the medical field, academia or biotech companies as of yet.

I’ll continue to report on what I know best which is the science and medical research field. I suggest people be leary of preaching radicals and agendas that have not been well researched. But for those looking at other philosophies in the search for a cure, here’s an internet update where people in the community had actually requested from this man wanting to organize and lead his own grass root effort along a different path in the quest for a cure! There are those working on their own radical paths…

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