A report from the December 2013 International Symposium on Neural Regeneration


Every two years the International Symposium on Neural Regeneration takes place at the Asilomar
Conference Center in Pacific Grove California. As a mother and advocate for the spinal cord
injured throughout the world since 2005, I decided this would be the year I would venture into the
science world and discover more about the inner workings of how academia reports, collaborates and acknowledges its work in the field of neural regeneration. Seldom does a layman register for such an intense science conference normally attended by scientists, senior researchers and post doc students to observe. After following the progression of research and clinical trials for spinal cord injury after my own son’s spinal injury, I was compelled to attend this renowned working conference on regeneration to get a sense of where the field really is. The world has waited for decades for a treatment or therapy to help recovery from paralysis.

Read the full report HERE:

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