Clinical trials on the horizon – Spinal Research invests in potential treatment for spinal cord injury

Spinal Research has committed £150,000 to develop a potential treatment for spinal cord injury in order to take it to clinical trials with paralysed volunteers.

Chondroitinase is a bacterial enzyme that is able to break down the scar tissue that forms at the site of a spinal cord injury. This scar tissue impedes nerve regeneration and stifles changes needed for effective rehabilitation. Previous studies funded by Spinal Research have shown that chondroitinase reduces scarring, preserves nerve function in the injury zone and demonstrates better recovery of normal movements. These results indicate that this new method for the treatment of spinal cord injury holds great promise, and has generated much excitement in the scientific community.

Having identified its potential, developing chondroitinase further is now a major priority for Spinal Research. We are committed to funding key areas of work in the field that will result in clinical trials in the very near future and are looking at the best route to take us there.

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