Case Western Reserve University shows off research in ‘science fair on steroids’

Case held a special viewing for local economic development companies such as Jumpstart, BioEnterprise and NorTech on Thursday night.  One project the scouts expressed interest in was by Bradley Lang, a graduate student in neuroscience at Case. Lang is part of a team that created a new drug that helps some spinal cord patients gain locomotion and bladder control within weeks in the lab of Dr. Jerry Silver at Case Western Reserve University. “This isn’t just re-purposing an old drug, this is taking a brand new drug to market,” said Lang.

Bob Sopko, director of BlackStone LaunchPad, a foundation-supported initiative that partners with universities to help students learn skills to become entrepreneurs, said there were many market possibilities on display Friday. “There’s a lot of freaking cranial firepower here,” Sopko said, spreading his arms to encompass the show.

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