Dr. Jerry Silver, PhD. – Presents Research Updates from 2011 Nerve Bridging Project at Working 2 Walk 2012

These online video presentations from the W2W 2012 symposium are only made possible through your generous contributions to U2FP.

Jerry Silver, PhD.
Professor, Department of Neurosciences, Case Western Reserve University


“Functional Regeneration Into and Well Beyond the Glial Scar”

Dr. Silver has spent decades exploring ways to restore function after spinal cord injury. In the past two years, he and his team have achieved promising results with combinatorial strategies using chondroitinase, peptides, various cell bridging techniques, neuronal enhancement and wound preparations of the SCI lesion. He believes that these strategies may very well be useful in restoring both sensory and motor function in paralyzed humans.


Additional Information About Dr. Jerry Silver:

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