Mark Tuszynski, MD, PhD. – Presents at Working 2 Walk 2012

U2FPLong25029371_10151556816777846_25119639_nThese online video presentations from the W2W 2012 symposium are only made possible through your generous contributions to U2FP.

Mark Tuszynski, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurosciences, Director of the Center for Neural Repair, UC San Diego

“Neural Stem Cells for Severe Spinal Cord Injury”

Dr. Tuszynski’s lab studies anatomical, electrophysiological and functional plasticity in the intact and injured adult central nervous system. In rodent and primate models of spinal cord injury, the lab examines the influences of growth factors and extracellular matrix molecules in modulating axonal responses to injury and the ability of these substances to promote axonal regeneration. Dr. Tuszynski recently had a study published in the journal Cell showing “an astonishing degree” of axonal growth at the site of severe spinal cord injury in rats. The Tuszynski team used neural stem cells combined with growth factors to form a gel that was applied to the injury site.

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