Roman Reed Presents at Working 2 Walk 2012

These online video presentations from the W2W 2012 symposium are only made possible through your generous
contributions to U2FP.

“Advocates Advancing a Cure” – Roman Reed from the Roman Reed Foundation

In his first football game of the 1994 college season, Roman’s life changed forever with one paralyzing tackle, leaving him with a C-5/C-6 spinal cord injury. Since that time, he and his family have worked relentlessly to advance a cure for paralysis. They founded the Roman Reed Foundation that provides support for pioneering research. In 2000 they engineered passage of the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Law in California that funds research through the state’s General Fund. After losing funding during the economic downturn, Roman recently led the effort to re-fund the bill through an add-on to traffic tickets. Unfortunately, the bill was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

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