Innocent Intrigue : Hans S. Keirstead at TEDxOrangeCoast

Stem cells will fundamentally change the course of human disease and longevity, says Hans Keirstead.

An internationally known stem cell expert, Hans Keirstead has pioneered stem cell programs at UC Irvine and California Stem Cell. He led his teams to develop a stem cell-based treatment for paralysis, that marked the first such stem cell-based clinical trial ever approved by a regulatory body, worldwide, with positive interim data in a Phase 1 clinical trial. Dr. Keirstead also helped develop a therapy for the treatment of ulcerative collitis and rheumatoid arthritis, that has successfully met primary endpoints in Phase II clinical trials. He developed a stem cell-based therapy for the motor neuron diseases ALS and spinal muscular atrophy that will soon enter clinical testing, and made headlines for creating a 3D retina from stem cells for the treatment of retinal diseases. More recently, is developing a stem cell-based treatment for late stage cancers, a technology that has met primary endpoints in Phase II clinical trials.

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