Fifth Geron stem cell trial participant discusses her experience with Amy Adams CIRM Communications Manager

Author: Amy Adams Communications Manager

Katie Sharify talks about participating in Geron’s spinal cord injury trial with Amy Adams

This week I was lucky enough to interview Katie Sharify in front of a group of scientists who were meeting to discuss the best ways of advancing stem cell clinical trials. Katie was the fifth and final patient to participate in Geron’s CIRM-supported clinical trial for spinal cord injury.

Katie had a great story to tell about what it’s like to be a patient in a stem cell clinical trial. She had very little understanding of the science before her injury and had very little time to get as informed as possible before making a decision about whether or not to participate. She needed to get herself educated in just six days and she needed to educate her parents (who speak little English) while also adapting to life in a wheelchair.


Katie Sharify and Dr.Hans Keirstead at Working 2 Walk 2012

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