Meet the Scientist – A Visit to Case Western Reserve University

Donna Sullivan, Marilyn Smith, Dr. Jerry Silver at Case Western Reserve University Lab Visit

Several members of the U2FP team visited the research laboratory of Dr. Jerry Silver at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Silver’s lab is devoted to advanced research and translational studies for acute as well as chronic spinal cord injury. The SCI community has watched the progress in Dr. Silver’s lab with increasing interest and excitement after it made national news headlines with its strategies to promote regeneration. The lab uses nerve grafts to guide axon re-growth in combination with the injection of an enzyme called Chondroitinase ABC (Ch’ase) that breaks up the glial scar at the ends of the bridge. This technique led to a remarkable improvement in diaphragm function after partial high cervical spinal cord lesions in rats.    continue reading… 

Dr. Silver is known as the worlds best scar expert among research scientists working on chronic SCI.  His exclusive 2011 video can be viewed here.

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