Do you know how your SCI research donation is utilized?

It’s always a good idea to check into Charity Navigator to see how the large charities are ranked on efficiency when spending your dollars towards research for a chronic paralysis cure in the United States. What is their “star rating”?

Another good method is to check Guide Star and review the organizations 990 form.

Has the organization recently stopped grant funding to individual research labs or changed their focus to other areas? Are any of the research projects actually progressive and worthy of funding? Is the avenue of research nothing more than incremental basic science projects that won’t help yield anything for decades towards a cure. Are the projects keeing the same old career scientists doing unimportant busy work? What is a dinosaur sci organization?

For the past year there has been awareness about SCI organizations that do not fund research for a paralysis cure even though they state that it’s their mission. Oftentimes old dated information is left on various websites, or the promotional media teams hype cure efforts that do nothing more than sustain funding for everything BUT important research.

Don’t be fooled.  As a good consumer, you want to be sure to check on the charity very closely to see where your money is going no matter what country you happen to reside in.

You can also check with members of a SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD to get advice on funding imperative progressive spinal cord injury research projects working on chronic paralysis.

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