Exploring the Intersection of Regenerative Medicine with Ravi V. Bellamkonda, PhD

2011 Cleveland Fes Center Neural Prothesis Seminar Series
Title: Exploring the Intersection of Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation Speaker: Ravi V. Bellamkonda, PhD

GCC Distinguished Scholar & Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Associate Vice President for Research
Date: September 9. 2011
Location: Biomedical Research Building • BRB 105
Case Western Reserve University
Sponsored by: The Cleveland FES and APT Center

Functional recovery after a traumatic injury is dependent on a complex set of variables. These include the extent of the initial injury, our ability to modulate inflammation in the acute setting, the regenerative capacity of the tissue involved, and ultimately our ability to maximize endogenous functional capacity with or without assistive technologies. Currently, there are exciting developments in three disparate fields of research that potentially have a direct bearing on functional outcomes for people with traumatic injuries when applied synergistically.

These fields include Regenerative medicine, Neuroprosthetics and Rehabilitation. In my talk, I will illustrate some state of the art technologies and discoveries that may, together, shape the future of patient care after traumatic injury. I will use specific examples from our laboratory in building such an synergistic approach, including peripheral nerve repair, modulation of inflammation after SCI, and tapping the endogenous regenerative capacity of the nervous systemfor designing better neural interfaces. My talk will attempt to place our laboratory’s work in the context of other relevant advances in the field including stem cell therapy.

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